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What’s new? We look at the updated exams

Most of the exam changes are only minor revisions, but there are also significant updates to tasks in each of the three exams:

Pre A1 Starters – There is a new Part 1 task for Listening, where learners match names to people. The Speaking paper now has four parts.

A1 Movers – The Reading and Writing paper now has 35 questions instead of 40. Learners are now asked to complete sentences, respond to questions and write sentences about a picture. Listening has a new task, matching pictures with illustrated words or names. Learners will now also be asked their name and age at the start of the Speaking test.

A2 Flyers – Learners have to write a short story in the Reading and Writing paper, and will be asked their name, family name and age at the start of the Speaking test.

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Support for the 2018 exams

All the materials you need to help you start preparing learners for the updated exams are now available for download from the Preparation Centre Brandfolder.

For each of the three updated exams, you can download a revised and updated:

  • set of sample papers and Listening test samples
  • teachers’ handbook
  • word list
  • word list picture book
  • examiners’ comments document on the Speaking test.

More materials including flashcards, lesson plans and posters for your classroom will be added soon.